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Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced trader, our platform makes it easy to buy and sell this popular stablecoin. Sign up with AQRU today to buy USDC and begin growing your Crypto portfolio. Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing market, with values sometimes fluctuating for several reasons. While there is certainly no way to accurately predict these shifts or prevent coin risk entirely, our team of experts carefully reviews our investments regularly. By choosing reputable exchanges and markets with high liquidity, we aim to provide our users with access to more reliable opportunities. To buy USDC on the AQRU platform, simply sign up for an account by providing some basic information and verifying your identity. You will then be able to deposit funds into your wallet via bank transfer, credit card or Crypto transfer.

How much does it cost to buy USDC on Coinbase?

The current price is $1.00 per USDC.

If immediate results are on your mind, USD Coin may not be for you. However, if you want to trade USDC instead of USD, opt for a broker with low trading fees and get started today. The answer to this question should be dictated by your own financial goals. One of the most popular trading strategies with USDC is a CFD, and using one of these means you can speculate on the price of the coin without owning it outright. A similar strategy is spread betting, where you bet how the entire market will move. Whatever your strategy, make sure it is coherent and you stick to it. If you want to trade quickly an often, an online broker makes this tactic hassle-free.

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Trading USDC is an easy-accessible transaction for users with a TRASTRA account. First, check the USDC calculator with the most popular pairs, amounts, and currencies to trade USDC, and estimate USD Coin’s current value. Then, choose a cryptocurrency pair (BTC/ETH), enter the desired amount, and get the chosen coins to your wallet. Compare our currency exchange rates and see how much you could save. While you can invest in cryptocurrencies, they differ a great deal from traditional investments, such as stocks and shares.

buy usdc

Confidence and security in USDC are delivered by proving that U.S. dollars are being held in reserve. In a market renowned for its extreme volatility, traders can be reassured knowing that in holding USDC, you are in possession of a fiat-backed currency that is regularly audited. USD Coin was launched in September 2018 and was developed by Centre Consortium, a joint venture by peer-to-peer payment services company Circle and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The goal of the founders was to create an ecosystem in which USDC is accepted by as many wallets, exchanges and service providers as possible. TRASTRA enables any operations related to buying, selling, exchanging, and trading cryptocurrency.

USD Coin (usdc)

80.61% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Money management – It is impossible to predict what will happen in any market, therefore a good money management strategy is important when you start trading. Beginners should never invest more than they are willing to use.

buy usdc

Since there are no coins to ship out, it’s much easier to get them into customers’ hands. Pass a quick quiz and earn free tokens, added directly to your balance.

Buy USD Coin in the UK

USDC is governed by the Centre consortium, which provides a regulatory and operational framework and oversees the USDC stablecoin. Research – There are numerous websites and blogs which provide current insights and analysis. Furthermore, many traders now turn to Reddit forums to share tips and hints with fellow traders. USD Coin is a new technology that is testing the boundaries of traditional finance and redefining an entire generation’s understanding and use of money and currency. Use TRASTRA mobile app to buy and exchange USDC in just a few clicks.

Where can I buy a USDC?

The best way to buy USDC is through Coinbase. If you already have an account, you can easily convert USDC or other cryptocurrencies into USDC. Search for USD and choose the buy option. After the USDC is credited to your account, you can transfer the tokens to any Ethereum wallet.

Because our content is not financial advice, we suggest talking with a professional before you make any decision. Some people like to use their own wallets to guarantee total ownership over their assets, or to use them with other applications like DeFi services. BC Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency brokerage that buys and sells more than 100 different cryptocurrencies. Make a deposit Once verified, you can deposit £ using the payment method that best suits you – credit card, debit card, china union pay and sepa payments are widely accepted. If you’re currently abroad and need to use your debit card, here’s what it’ll cost you to withdraw cash and make purchases. When compared to other fiat-backed stablecoins, one of USD Coin’s biggest advantages is that it’s available on multiple blockchains. This includes Ethereum, Avalanche, Tron, and Solana, among others.

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There are dozens of wallets that you can use to store the private keys to your USD Coins . As a stablecoin, the primary purpose of USD Coin is to track the price of its underlying asset – which, in this case, is the US dollar . The Pound Canadian Dollar (GBP/CAD) exchange rate fluctuated wildly throughout the week before finally succumbing to the surmounting economic pressures weighing on the UK. The Bank of Canada increased interest rates by 50 basis points to 1.50% at the how to buy usdc June 1st policy meeting. The central bank has also stated that it will engage in a determined fight to combat high inflation with further rate hikes. MUFG notes that the Canadian dollar has started to under-perform as global growth concerns have increased and this has put downward pressure on oil and commodity prices. The US dollar (often represented by the dollar sign $) is the official currency of the United States of America and is the world’s largest traded currency.

If the housing sector comes under pressure, there will also be implications for the Bank of Canada’s policy stance and interest rates. Foreign exchange analysts at MUFG expect concerns over the global economy and vulnerability from high domestic debt levels will undermine the Canadian dollar.

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You can then buy USD Coin and other supported cryptocurrencies quickly and easily through their browser interface or mobile app. After my initial deposit, I’ve found that my transfers have been quickly credited to my CoinJar account . For every USDC that is available on the market, there is an equivalent number of USD that are held. Coinbase claims that “these funds are held in a special bank account that is constantly monitored and audited”. The Pound US Dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate fell over the course of last week.

buy usdc
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